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Patient Testimonials


"I have been a patient of Dr. Stephens for over 16 years. He has always been professional and courteous. His office staff is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. I recommend his office to all my friends. They truly care and will recommend the best treatment. An A+ experience!"

"My family has lived in the Carl/Auburn area since 1994. We have been using Dr. Stephens for more than 15 years. When our oldest kids (Kayla, 19 and Tyler, 16) were little we thought that we had to take them to a children's dental office. They loved the toys and play areas at the other place; but, they always cried and never enjoyed the experience.

We were surprised to learn that kids do not have to go to a place that only specializes in children's dentistry. We made the switch and never looked back. When our youngest child (Bekah, now 9) was ready for her very first dental check-up as a toddler, we instinctively took her to visit Dr. Stephens and his staff. She loved it and had a great first visit. They made her feel very secure and comfortable and even let her help by holding the tools and wear some cool shades. Bekah looks forward to visiting with the staff every six months. Itís almost like a family reunion!

We love the hometown feel and convenience of the location. They always have flexible appointments that work with our schedules. We know when to expect our friendly reminder calls from Ms. Sandra!

P.S. Dr. Stephens Ė I cannot tell a lie... I need to improve upon my flossing routine!" - Shane and Darlene

"We have called Dr. Stephens our family dentist ever since he opened his office in Carl. He has always shown a personal interest in his patients, and remembers to ask about family members when we come in for twice yearly visits. Since he is a twin, he has been particularly interested in our daughterís triplets. Both our daughters have continued as patients of Dr. Stephens, even though they drive quite a distance to come to the office. One lives in Cumming and the other in Mableton. Their children are now also Dr. Stephen's patients.

Here is an example of Dr. Stephens' personalized care: I had broken a corner off one of my molars by clenching my teeth, while lifting weights at the gym. Dr. Stephens repaired the tooth, then made me a flexible bite guard to use at the gym, so that I wouldnít break any more teeth working out. He surprised me by bringing it to our house himself one evening, saying he thought there was an off chance that our triplet grandsons might be there. I think he just wanted to be a caring doctor and went out of his way to show it." - Margo

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Patrick Stephens, D.M.D. is a general dentist practice located in Auburn, Georgia. Dr. Stephens provides preventive, cosmetic and
restorative dental care to families in Auburn, Winder and surrounding Barrow and Gwinnett county communities.

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